Friends and power ballads


Recently Charch, a friend from school, posted on Facebook that she had a tumour, was back in the UK and living with her mum.  I looked at her status for a while and then replied “what on earth” or words to that effect.  I kept getting alerts to say people had replied and it was lovely to see some names of friends I see or hear from regularly, keep in touch with only on Facebook or friends I have not heard from in ages.

Shortly after reading Charch’s status the emails started to flow as we made plans to go and see her in Cardiff, there was a thread on FB where everyone chipped in with some ideas for visiting options, items we could take and suggestions of people to contact.

I’d not seen Charch for a number of years, but it didn’t matter we’d kept in touch through email, letters, sometimes Facebook, others had seen her and reported back, she always wrote a long letter at Christmas with a paragraph or 2 in her distinctive writing.

The writing that had not changed since I first met her at boarding school back in the (cough) early 80s.  That’s how long I’ve known her.  That’s how long I’ve known a lot of my friends and they are known as school friends which doesn’t give them a more specific title than that.  Those 40 or so girls I lived with through the 80s have a bond so strong and it shows right now.

I can appreciate that for some their school days weren’t their most favourite time but for me I had a riot of a time and I’m still surrounded by my friends who have forgiven me for my big hair, my teenage angst and my dodgy dress sense.

These words from a power ballad of the 80s are perfect for what I really want to say ….

“when the chips are down I’ll be around with my undying,
death defying love for you”


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