Smells are very important to me.  A nice smell can make a smile!

I am sure my heart flips when I smell baby powder as it brings back the memories of those gorgeous little toes and the gappy smiles of my 3 children.

Lavender reminds me of two wonderful ladies who are sadly no longer here.  My father’s mother was at home in the garden in Rowington wearing a quilted jacket stuffed full of mints incase a horse escaped and she needed to catch it!  My mother’s mother was a girl about town who used to change for supper.  Those were the days!  Both of them had a bowl of lavender and would squidge the fading blue as they wafted into a room – smelling of mint, baby powder and Ellnet!
These two very strong ladies inspire still.  I am useless at flower arranging yet spent hours watching Granny arrange the church flowers in Bath, I was too impatient to knit anything other than a square cotton dishcloth yet used to sit for hours watching Granny P-G embroider.
Roses are another favourite smell, my mother used to have a beautiful picture of a rose in a battered old frame outside my bedroom in my childhood home.
I will be bringing you exciting news on Wednesday.  I am rather excited!

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