Everything in its place



This week has been really manic and trying as I am not only trying to work from home but we are in the midst of decorating the kitchen and sorting out the storage nightmare.  I have taken everything out of the kitchen and it looks fantastic, so much space – however the dining room looks like a bomb has hit it and I am literally falling over everything!  How come I have accumulated so much stuff that I don’t use?

When the kitchen is sorted, with the useful everyday and use-often items back in their places on newly painted shelves there will be a glut of kitchenalia that needs a home.  This is where I get excited and start measuring up!  I love storage solutions and shelving!  I have my eye on some storage items at Pedlars Place and some shelves from a new Twitter follower Shelfstore.

That Shelfstore website is fabulous, it is so helpful and visual and I can picture where the shelves are going to go!  Not only that but on the Living Room Furniture Ideas page it says these magic words  ……. “Make best use of space by shelving over doors, under windows and around corners – you can even build a room divider if needed”

Those words are music to my ears!


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