Juliet (Oscar) Bravo


Growing up in a small village everyone knew everyone.  It wasn’t until years later that I realised that old Bill the local bobby was a) actually not that old and b) I’m not even sure he was called Bill.

Whether I was influenced by old/not old Bill/maybe not Bill I decided I wanted to join the Police.  I didn’t apply as I was only about 7 at the time.

Years later a friend, who was a bobby on the beat, said I wouldn’t be able to join as I was too short and my eye sight wasn’t perfect.  I shelved that idea, took a secretarial course and worked in an office.

Anyway after getting contact lenses and not growing much more I did eventually join the Police and when I left I was given an award.  It was all very jolly and I didn’t cry!

Yesterday I heard that Lewis Collins had died and I instantly remembered the theme tune, the flares, the collars and the handsome charm.  He wasn’t my favourite though because I loved a young John Nettles.

I posted a link of The Professionals to You Tube on Facebook and then giggled as I read the replies!  One friend said he wanted to be Bodie when he grew up and I said I wanted to be Juliet Bravo.  Same friend said you probably were and you knew it!  Of course I knew it!

I was tempted to write a reply but the phone rang and I was distracted.  Here is what my reply was going to be – with a nod and a wink to the crime dramas I grew to know and love, which may or may not have stood me in good stead!

Yes I know I should have been Juliet Bravo! I was a Cracker, I never spoke in (Morse) code, I always had the Gentle Touch, I responded to jobs in a Heartbeat, I preferred cycling or pounding the pavements over (Z) cars fitting the Bill of high vis foot patrol, much like The Chief when she first started. Whilst it was cold and sometimes lonely out on my beat I kept warm and it was only in some situations there was a Touch of Frost. I once had an interesting outcome following some tag art (bit weak I know) graffiti resulting in an assistance shout which resulted in a mass exodus of Dixons from Dock Green or Sunhill.  I’m sure I was the friendly face of the Thin Blue Line and when I got home I enjoyed a glass of Bergerac, safe in the knowledge that I worked with some fabulous Professionals!


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