An old and revamped post about Smells


This is a post from my old blog – I am slowly copying them across!


Smells are very important to me.  I am sure my heart flips when I smell baby powder as it brings back the memories of those gorgeous little toes and the gappy smiles of my children.

Lavender is one of those smells that calms and awakens me.  What a bonkers thing to say, but it’s true!  
To say lavender awakens me is – well yes I know ………. daft!  However, lavender reminds me of some wonderful ladies who are sadly no longer here.  
My father’s mother was at home in the garden in Rowington wearing a quilted jacket stuffed full of mints incase a horse escaped and she needed to catch it!  My mother’s mother was a girl about town who used to change for supper without fail.  
Those were the days!  Both of them had a bowl of lavender and would squidge the fading blue as they wafted into a room – smelling of mint, baby powder and Ellnet!
These two very strong ladies inspire still.  I am useless at flower arranging yet spent hours watching Granny Sheldon arrange the church flowers in Bath; I was too impatient to knit anything other than a square cotton dishcloth yet used to sit for hours watching Granny Pritchard-Gordon embroider.  I think they’d be proud of me, if only for my love of smells!

I am very lucky to have known the late Tracey Malone of Lubatti, her facials were amazing, our chats were filled with laughter & smiles and we had fun whenever we met up.  I am delighted to be a Lubatti At Home Consultant – the bottles evoke memories and the scents are divine.


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