Rebel’s Bread Sauce



I can’t claim this is the bread sauce recipe to follow but it’s how I make it!

Having watched countless members of my family and friends pore over the recipe book I will admit that I can lose myself in the recipes and ingredients but that is as far as it goes!  I am completely rubbish when it comes to measurements for recipes; I think it is my inner rebel wanting to shout NO!!  I’m probably what’s known as a non-conforming cook!  I can cope with that, I’ve heard my food is pretty delicious and my family always asks me what’s for supper!

Here is my bread sauce recipe, I’ve left out measurements on purpose, so let’s say it’s one slice of bread per person and one for the bowl!

White bread, white onion,  cloves, milk, butter, freshly ground black pepper (and salt if you like, I don’t like but that’s my preference).

Either keep the crusts on the bread, cut them off and use or cut them off and don’t use!  If you cut the crusts off because you don’t want to use them in this recipe you can drizzle them in oil, pop in the oven until they are golden and hey presto you have made croutons (however this only works if you switch on the oven).

I digress.

If you feel like it you can prick the cloves into the onion and sauté in the butter and milk until the outside of the onion is soft OR you can slice up the onion however you see fit, fry up in the butter, add in the milk and then the cloves until soft.

Cut up, slice, tear, rip the bread into whatever sized pieces you want and then add to the onion, milk, clove and butter combo and stir.

Add in the pepper and salt, I don’t add much salt to food but I do like pepper.

Keep stirring, don’t let it get stuck!  If it gets too thick you can add in more milk, if you add in too much milk you can add in some more bread!  Don’t keep doing this though or else you will end up with heaps and heaps of bread sauce and not much milk and bread!

When it gets to the consistency you want then put it into a warmed serving dish and either serve straight away or keep it warm in the oven until you are ready.

Always wear oven gloves when moving a hot serving dish or better still get someone else to take it to the table whilst you fill up your glass having got quite a thirst!





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