12 hours ago …





At 1120 on Monday 22 December 2013 armed with a midnight feast I headed to BBC Radio Berkshire where I’ve been many times before. This time however was different as a) it was very very late at night and b) I was going to be a guest on Radio 5 Live‘s Midnight Expert hour (hence my midnight feast!).  It was a particularly delicious midnight feast (as illustrated above) and so far removed from midis we had at school!

The weather was awful, the roads were like streams, visibility was poor and no pedestrians were out but I was in a taxi and I felt I should wave!  I posted a status on Facebook saying “I’m feeling like the Queen!  No-one can see me waving but I’m waving!!”.  When you see a taxi today give it a retrospective wave!

I was greeted by security and the very lovely Anthony who I’ve been in a studio with before so I was feeling calm!  Anthony showed me to the studio saying “it’s Mike’s studio so you’ll be familiar with it”. Yes but this time Mike wasn’t there to say “Oh Nellie” and instead of sitting in front of the desk this time I was behind the desk!  That’s when my nerves did some jangling!

This was becoming REAL! 

I looked at the desk in front of me and my inner rebel resisted the temptation to switch the dials, push the knobs and press the buttons.  For once my inner rebel was behaving!!



I put the headphones on, moved the microphone and got myself comfy in the hot seat!

Then it began …..                                                                        

…… then my nerves disappeared!

It was all happening and I was on air chatting with Adil Ray about shopping ideas, suggestions and solutions.  Oh I had a lovely time I really did!

The questions were varied and my answers were too!  There was a call from someone who wanted to get something for his girlfriend’s parents and I suggested a nice bowl with some treats in it, always nice to get a gift that is both full of food and useful afterwards! I also made mention of my iPhone case which was a total surprise and a hugely thoughtful present.  There’s nothing more personal than a personalised present from a friend and it’s lovely seeing my gorgeous logo created by Gabriella Buckingham on my iPhone!




Just in case you missed it and are worried incase I quiz you about what I said on Radio 5 Live you can listen in here ….. Shortly after an hour and a half in …. Adil Ray talks to Nellie Williams Solutioneer and Shopping Expert.

Thank you Charlotte from Radio 5 Live for asking me, thank you Anthony from BBC Radio Berkshire for settling me and thank you to all my family & friends who stayed up late to listen in!

Now I’ve got to get myself ready to head back to the studio to be Mike Read’s guest at 2pm!  I always appear with an element of surprise and today it really is quite quite magical!

Happy listening!



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