Yesterday was a rather special day


Yesterday was the day my Ma and Steppa had a houseful. Not just any houseful but an eclectic mix of family
and characters! Two in their seventies, 5 in their forties, a nearly 21, an 18, an already 16, a 16 today, a 15, 12 and 9 plus the dog! It was fun. It could have been a disaster!!

My stepsister, Taree, who is older than me by 6 days is over from Oz with her two children, well I say children but nearly 21 and just 16 aren’t tinky tiny children anymore, but they’re my nephew and niece and I love them! We’ve not seen them for 11 years. The last time we saw them Loops was 5, Mook was nearly 2, Laree had never met them and yet there is such a bond between the Ozfam.

I first met Taree 20 years ago and we hit it off. We had silliness in Henley when I skived off work to spend an afternoon with her. She was in the UK for my hen weekend and wedding. 16 years ago she rang me to ask if I would be godmother to her daughter and she was one of the first family I told that I was pregnant.

We’ve had some fabulous times together both here and in Oz. Yesterday we were almost breathless whilst laughing over me asking for a can of Victoria Bitter and the waitress slamming the can down saying here’s yer VB at Doyle’s on the Beach in Sydney. We had Christmas in Coffs Harbour 2 years later and did the kind of laughing that leaves you exhausted.

Keeping in touch by FB, email and phone is lovely but you can’t beat being in the same room and laughing.
It’s good for you and happy times make fabulous memories.

Of course my memories will last longer as I’m 6 days younger than her!


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