L is for …. Letting go


Another L, this time L is for letting go.

Sometimes people who pretend to be friends just aren’t. We’ve all met them. The ones who are all over you and bursting with excitement to catch up again that the diary is always at the ready. Then they lose interest having taken what they can or the friendship doesn’t work for them. It’s hard being on that end of it but there’s strength in letting go.

I’ve met a few of those draining types along the way. One friend in my teens was such a good friend that she drove a wedge so deep and shattered my trust for some time. Even now her name brings about a tut!

Over the years I’ve learnt a great deal about people. Not just friends but associates, colleagues, family even and it’s an area I’ve dwelled on for too long.

These negatives are no good and they’re just not for me. I don’t want to have an uncomfortable chat with someone I have nothing in common with anymore, I don’t want to stand in a queue and feel obliged to talk to someone because I used to know them.

Last year my world and that of many of my schoolfriends was rocked when a friend told us she had a brain tumour, another friend has cancer and it’s spread, the father of a friend of Milla’s died, a close friend had a breast cancer scare, I had a c worrying time but after a mammogram it wasn’t anything to be concerned about.

All of those things affected me.

We are in our 40s and saying goodbye to people who we won’t spend time with or ever see again. Why then do we spend time with people who we don’t want to spend time with?

It’s because we can’t let go, but it’s important to let go.

It’s important to be brave.

It’s important to live.


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