Comfort grub


When I said it was toad in the hole for supper everyone was instantly cheered as I do (if I may say so myself) make a fantastic toad in the hole.  Oh hurrah.  Everyone would be happy!  A traditional bowl of comfort food!

Earlier that day I did 2 things, 1 of which was rather short sighted!  The first thing I did was chuck out the knackered weighing scales that I’d had for ooooh about 20 years; they’d had a good innings!  The second thing I did was take the 2 different packs of sausages out of the freezer, I always do a mixture of sausages – don’t know why but I do!

There I was with oven on hot, Olive Oil heating up in the dish about to start on the batter mix.  What could go wrong?  Well nothing really as I had made the batter mix plenty of times before and it was always delicious. 



Then I remembered!  I’d thrown the ONLY weighing scales away.

Stumped!  I looked in the cupboard despite knowing I had thrown away the only set of scales in the house!  Then I saw it!  Granny’s measure! 


The only problem was it was in lbs & oz and I am ashamed to say my mind went blank and I couldn’t remember the conversion and translation rules!  I looked at the recipe again.  Then I looked at the book it came from, but the recipe and ingredients said the same as my scribbles! I then turned to the internet.  I typed in “grams to ounces UK please” and the first post was a conversion chart from Cherry Menlove.  Oh I felt instantly relieved at someone “almost familiar” telling me.  “Almost familiar” as I’d heard of Cherry Menlove through Twitter and had dipped into her blog and website from time to time.

Armed with the conversion I made my batter mix with the correct amount of flour and realised that one thing I don’t need to buy this year is kitchen scales as I only measure ingredients when flour is involved and now I have my handy conversion chart I don’t need scales as I’ve got Granny’s Measure!

Thank you Granny for the contents of your kitchen, I will now look through all the boxes to see what else I can find useful!  Thank you Cherry Menlove, I’m following you now!

Image                              Image


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