A moving post – no tissues needed!


The other day I wrote about how I dreamt I had moved the dresser from the sitting room into the dining room and how I was very surprised to wake up to find it hadn’t moved!

My lovely charming children asked the dreaded holiday question “what are we doing today?” and I thrilled and delighted them by suggesting they help me rearrange the house!  I think I heard them groan, sigh and tut – times that by 3 and it was loud!!

I love my dresser.  It was in Granny’s kitchen at the house we spent our holidays in until our late teens, it moved with her twice more in Warwickshire and then when she moved down to be near us in Henley it came to my first house.  When we moved to this house 14 years ago it was in the kitchen until we had a new kitchen, in its natural state and crammed full!


Since then it has been in the conservatory, dining room (against 2 walls), sitting room (against 3 walls) and even a room divider!

However I had spent all of the night moving it in my dreams that it was going to be a dull day if I didn’t do it!  As I said my lovely charming children tutted, groaned, sighed but they helped!

First we emptied it


After that we emptied the space where it was going to go!

Although we would lose the window we would have more storage in the dining room.


After a break of 30 minutes (determined by the work to rule children!) we moved it into its place


Then I organised it!


Whilst I was doing this the lovely charming children had passed out on the sofas!

Not only have I got more storage in the dining room but I also have an empty shelf!

Thank you girls!


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