There’s words that make me wince, like paper cut. It’s because it does just that – the paper cuts, the paper cut smarts and it’s a shock. I think you know the wince look!

When I meet people for the first time and they ask how many children I have I can almost guarantee their “look” when I say I have 3 girls. Why do they look at me like that? You know the “look” I mean! The shock / horror / pitying look! Followed by the “poor you, wait until they’re teens”. Oh hahaha.

My eldest is already a teen, we’re well versed in teenagers, the middle one is going to be a teen tomorrow, which leaves us with 4 years until the youngest one becomes a teen, by which time my eldest will be 20 and therefore no longer a teen.

I don’t feel “poor me” because my children are growing up, I feel “poor” at times because they’re expensive to run but in actual fact I feel enriched by my 3. They are lovely, they drive me mad, they make me laugh, they hang around me just ‘hanging around’, they try and teach me about their music, they are amazed when I know the words of songs, they leave their stuff all over the place, they take over my dressing table, they hug me, they stamp their feet, they eat everything, they grow out of clothes and shoes in the blink of an eye, they help me cook – they don’t help me clear up.

Please don’t give me the look of pity because I’ve got 3 girls, instead congratulate them on being individuals who are gorgeous, interesting, sociable, humorous and inquisitive. Of course they’ve inherited all that from me!!

Why do people say daft things?


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