Happy birthday David Bowie, Elvis, Shirley Bassey and Mook who is 13 today.


There’s words that make me wince, like paper cut. It’s because it does just that – the paper cuts, the paper cut smarts and it’s a shock. I think you know the wince look!

When I meet people for the first time and they ask how many children I have I can almost guarantee their “look” when I say I have 3 girls. Why do they look at me like that? You know the “look” I mean! The shock / horror / pitying look! Followed by the “poor you, wait until they’re teens”. Oh hahaha.

My eldest is already a teen, we’re well versed in teenagers, the middle one is going to be a teen tomorrow, which leaves us with 4 years until the youngest one becomes a teen, by which time my eldest will be 20 and therefore no longer a teen.

I don’t feel “poor me” because my…

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