Reassurance at Royal Berks


The title sounds like a chapter from the mini series that I’m making up in my mind! In reality ‘Reassurance at Royal Berks’ is what we had when Big Welsh went to A&E with a frightful headache and concerns following his recent heart operation. By recent I mean Wednesday. Yes, Wednesday. The ink was only just dry on his discharge notes!

A&E is never a great place to be but 3 or so hours after he’d been seen, triaged, assessed, ECG, bloods, blood pressure and given a complete check through he was given advice and discharged. Free to go. Home.

It wasn’t how we planned to spend our Saturday afternoon, but in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t too bad.


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  1. I hope he’s more settled now and back to an even keel? It seems they discharge people far too quickly from hospital although with the Royal Berks that’s not such a bad thing.

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