My friend the flower farmer


Morning all on this blustery Sunday February morning! If you’ve not seen this article then can I suggest you give it a read? Georgie and the team are the most fantastically marvellous and positive people I know.

If you care about the air miles of your flowers then this is the most perfect way to get beautiful UK grown flowers to any door. The beauty of opening a box and seeing hand reared, home grown, happy flowers is like sunshine on your face.

Flowers have meanings and connotations, Georgie ensures that each arrangement is part of a story. The wreath for my father always has Rosemary for remembrance and last year it had a sumptuous purple ribbon because Georgie cares and she has listened to me over the years.

You might be interested in attending a workshop at Common Farm Flowers. I’ve done a furniture painting course and am really looking forward to the advanced social media course next month. If there’s any spaces left then I can tell you it’s Tartiflette for lunch and an abundance of Welsh cakes. Their
Twitter feed is one of my favourites and I can’t wait to meet some of the tweeters I engage with through Georgie at the workshop! I clearly need to attend the workshop as I can’t add in a link to her Twitter feed but look see, here it is ..!

In short Georgie is an inspiration – wife, mother, fabulous friend, flower farmer, amazing business woman, superb cook, entertaining hostess, engaging writer and she blesses people with British blooms. A must for your address book and Twitter timeline.


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