Silence is golden

Silence is golden

Blimey I ache from Friday and Team Reading’s Team Honk Relay. I really do ache. I never knew that silence could be so gruelling and work so many muscles. I literally ache all over. Apart from my jaws! My jaws had a rest, a 4 hour rest whilst I challenged myself and treated everyone else to 4 hours of silence.

You see I think I misheard Sport Relief and I got it muddled up with Talk Relief (now there’s an idea!). I thought that Talk Relief sounded like a great idea and rather impossible for me to do, so being me I told everyone I would do 3 hours of silence. As I said on Friday’s blog there was much mirth and merriment as people didn’t believe me! That’s why I upped it to 4 hours. I might do a whole day next time.

Ha. I did it. I didn’t talk for 4 hours AND 2 minutes. Even during school run I didn’t crack, even when that cheeky Andrew Peach from my favourite radio station BBC Radio Berkshire teased me I didn’t break, even when my team tried to cajole me into talking I didn’t falter.

I did it because I had to. I had to prove to myself that I could do something that was impossible to do, not particularly sporty granted but I was a good sport and it’s all about sport!

It was hilarious from beginning to end (and I clearly had my eye on the end) to be honest I can’t think which bit was the best because it was all so funny and went by so fast (admitted I wasn’t fast but I’ve got 2 years until the next Sport Relief and I might be faster then!).

From the moment I put on my red all in onsie I was in the zone. Driving Niki’s Balms over to meet the team and not talking, seeing Amanda and Melissa with their bikes at Shiplake College, the hilarious look that Mummy Barrow gave me, meeting Susanna who I chatted to on Twitter but couldn’t chat to in the flesh, discussing my nail colour without talking to Katy Hill and nodding politely at everyone who said hello – we were all in the zone.

The original plan was to walk along the river but the water levels put paid to that so we criss crossed roads, waddled through puddles, skipped through mud, all happily chatting and laughing. I clicked my fingers if I needed to communicate, I must stop it now as I look like I’m doing air castanets and it looks a bit odd.

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  2. I really, really don’t think I could shut up for 4 whole hours. I’d also like my kids to refrain from calling ‘Mummeeeeeee’ for 4 hours, even 4 minutes would be a challenge for them some days… Well done you – nice to meet you on the bridge!!

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