Oh sleep we need you. I need you so much. I need you to function. I need my children to sleep to be happy. I need Big Welsh to sleep to be able to get through the day. If we don’t sleep we don’t function properly. If we don’t sleep we are grumpy. If we don’t sleep we are tired. If we don’t sleep then we don’t feel rested.

The health visitor (who I rudely nicknamed the hell visitor until she gave me a lifeline) asked if the solution was bigger than the problem when I lamented over the lack of sleep and how hideous I found the whole controlled crying sleep deprivation thing. I thought about for a while and thought yes, yes it is. The solution of controlled crying and repeatedly taking someone back to their own bed was far bigger and more disruptive than the problem of being woken once.

When I was pregnant with Mook I didn’t sleep very well, Loops didn’t sleep at all and I couldn’t face any more getting up out of bed to put her back, to placate her, to walk slowly out of the room, to get back into bed to hear her screaming again so I did what I was led to believe was one of the worst things ever to have been done by a tired mother …… I grabbed my distraught Loops and put her into bed with us. She slept. I slept. He slept. We slept. I woke up in the morning and this happy little face looked at me and I knew I’d found my solution.

Granted it wasn’t a solution many approved of but it worked for us and that is all that mattered.

All my children followed a pattern of disturbed sleep but instead of making it an issue we just let it be. They wouldn’t sleep so they’d sneak into our room sometimes asking, always accompanied by a soft toy that would thud as it landed on the bed. They’d snuggle down, get cosy and then sleep. We’d all sleep.

There comes a time when they don’t want to clamber into the warm cosy of our bed but I can’t remember when it was with the tall 2, but it does happen. Sometimes, just sometimes when Big Welsh is away I will wake up to find at least 2 children and a dog cwtched up on the bed.

It’s probably frowned upon but do you know what? I need my sleep, Big Welsh needs his sleep, the girls need their sleep and if “co-sleeping” is what it takes to make that happen then I’m in. I’d rather have a child who has slept than a child who hasn’t any day. Besides, after my hot water bottle burning episode I’d rather have a cuddly onesie wearing hot water bottle than a full thickness burn.


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