It’s all so quiet


Well that half term week was jam packed and despite being half term it was frantic, but frantic in a nice way. We saw family and friends, we had lie ins and late nights, we spent time in cities, towns and villages, travelling country roads and busy motorways.

Last night there was the normal Sunday evening angst about where things were but thankfully no talk of last minute homework as it had been done. Hurrah!!

Now I’m home in a quiet house and it’s bliss because there’s no squabbling, no loud music, no sounds of grumping. On the other hand it’s very quiet. The only noise is the dog as he settles back onto the sofa to watch the world and wait for the girls to return. It’s at that point the peace and tranquility will end but the house will be full of giggling, grumping and girls. That’s the noise I like but I like the sound of silence too.

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