Please can we go to ….


It’s my birthday soon and I like to string it out! I’m off to Lotte’s Kitchen at some stage. If you’ve not been WHY??


Lotte’s Kitchen   ….

lotte book

is something I often hear from my youngest, backed up by the other two.  It’s a good 45 minutes plus to get there from home, not a massively long way but not really possible after picking everyone up from school and allowing for dilly dallying.  Soon is my standard response!

During half term with no time constraints we headed over to Lotte’s.  I phoned ahead and booked a table, bundled the children into the car and set off.  I do think know my children despair of my day trips / adventures / journeys so there was a certain amount of grumbling about being in the car and that monotone of “where are we going?”.

“We’re off to Lotte’s for lunch” was met with cheers and all at once they plotted their milk shake, they’d decided on a brownie and who was going to sit where…

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