New finds


I love new finds, there’s something so fresh and exciting about them and so utterly brilliant to be able to share them with everyone!

A few weeks ago a friend posted a link on Facebook to a website and I duly took a look. I am so pleased I did. Mook plays football and our friend Dave is the coach, who just so happens to be a fellow Piscean. Dave recently held the FA Cup in his very own hands and his smiling face was captured in my phone!!

Yesterday our tame and friendly postman knocked on the door and handed over an envelope that he said was a “signed for” and a parcel from lovely Wales. As I walked into the dining room to open them both I was beyond excited.

I was not disappointed.

The parcel from Wales was from the Pay it forward fairy (more on that this afternoon) and the signed for was from a very talented young man called Jasper Cable-Alexander, who was given a photo of Dave and transformed it into this


I am utterly thrilled with it and so was Dave whose birthday it is today!

Do take a look at Jasper’s website and by all means tell him I sent you.

Jasper is a very talented young man who turned a photo into a treasured gift. His attention to detail, helpful suggestions and fabulous service are just some of the reasons I would recommend him!
Nellie Williams, Solutioneer
March 2014


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  1. Fab, so many photos show happy memories but just aren’t good enough to blow up into canvases (because of some wally in the background, a lamp appearing to grow out of your head, etc etc). This is a real alternative.

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