It started with a bucket



You see, about 3 years ago Georgie THE Flower Farmer tweeted that she needed metal buckets and I replied with a daft response along the lines of it being a real pity you didn’t ask a week or so ago because I had a load of metal buckets that I’d bought from Garden Brocante, I had been in Pewsey and therefore nearer than being in Wokingham which was a shame and had I known (how??) it would have been so easy to nip across the county border and give you the buckets (in 140 characters or less).

Oh how we laughed!! We then plotted to meet up halfway which seemed a reasonable idea and then Georgie suggested that I rock on over to hers with all my lot and the dog AND the buckets, we’d have a fabulous slow roast mutton lunch and it would be great!!

It was great!! I picked up another Tweeter (who knew both Georgie and an old schoolfriend of mine) from Wokingham station and drove down to Common Farm talking and laughing all the way, lunch was indeed a riot as Sara (Elsie Florence) and her family were also there. I think it was possibly one of my most favourite Sunday lunches EVER!

Since then Georgie (British Flowers by post – put her details in your address book) has become my one and only go to girl for flaaaaars and wreaths which is why her Fun Blue Plaque is on her wall.

So you see, when someone asks for a metal bucket you might just wind up making great friends, filling your diary with dates and plans, joining in with workshops and feeling really pleased that you were in the right place at the right time. I know I am!


(If you do make contact with anyone mentioned in this blog do please let them know that Nellie, Nell, Nellie Noo Noo, PeacockPomPoms, Solutioneer sent you their way, with my love).


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