I love time to myself, I yearn for what I call my running away adventures which obviously involve me running away and having an adventure! I also go on adventure journeys and visits with the children and the dog these are just adventures.

On Monday I ran away to Dorset for the afternoon en route to an evening with Georgie and Amanda. Well I say I ran away but in reality I loaded up Marple my little green Mini and drove down the A303. There were other roads as well but in reality my adventures start when I leave Berkshire and as I passed the sign that said Wiltshire I began to get excited.

Being a sucker for a peppermint tea I pulled over into the Drive In Costa and shared my status with Facebook, clicking on the share location which for some reason showed me as being nowhere near Stonehenge!


How I chortled as I drove off to Shaftesbury to meet Harriet at the newly revamped Grosvenor Arms. Once there I duly updated Facebook and again it found somewhere not remotely similar to Shaftesbury. No wonder my friends and family thought I’d left home without the dog and jetted off.


It was great to catch up with Harriet who is the marvel behind Hunter Gatherer and Bowl Overs, we go back years so there’s always plenty to chat about. All too soon she had to go so I went for a wander as I wasn’t due at Georgie’s for a couple of hours.


I saw a sign for Gold Hill so I took a look at this beautiful hill that I knew as a child from the Hovis ads. What a beautiful and enchanting view. It was so peaceful. I walked down Gold Hill and then I walked up Gold Hill, stopping to take a photo of Updown Cottage.


I’ve done Berkshire to Somerset and Dorset and back in a day so it’s doable but I always have so many people to see that I take a couple of days. I had a lovely couple of days, my batteries are now recharged and it’s not long until my next adventure.

Shaftesbury! In Dorset?
Yes I’d recommend it to anyone!!



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