Measuring up


I’ll readily admit to having a thing about storage! I’m not sure where it comes from but it’s here to stay!

My grandparents in Bath had built in massive floor to ceiling cupboards in most rooms and bearing in mind it was a Georgian house it had high ceilings so the cupboards were like small houses!

The one in the larder was filled with every kind of jar or tin, there was one either side of the fireplace in the dining room crammed with their best china and cutlery (actually thinking about it they didn’t really have a worst cutlery!), they even had a walk in drinks cupboard (jealous), but I think my favourites were the cupboards in the garden room which housed all the vases and picnic stuff and the crockery cupboard in the kitchen which had an enviable collection of 70s garishly patterned every day china.

Both of my houses haven’t had much storage so I’ve had to be inventive with it, infact I am often seen measuring spaces with loo roll to see if my next idea will work. Loo roll is a great measuring device and it’s easy to find, not like you can’t find your conventional measure! Loo roll is in every loo and bathroom! When discussing measurements I can often be found saying it’s 4 squares wide by 12 squares!

This little nugget was handed down from my Granny who was moving from Warwickshire to Henley and couldn’t find her tape measure. She measured ALL the furniture she wanted with loo roll and then laid it out in her new rooms so she could get as much of her old life into her new home, whilst affording herself space to move around in her advancing years.

I think my Granny was only just ever so slightly bonkers!


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