Yesterday was my birthday. I turned twenty-onceagain or 45, not a cause for major celebration or anything, not really a milestone just midway in my 40s! On some forms 45 puts me in the 45 to 54 age bracket – whichever way you look at it it’s only a number!

My birthday fortnight is really busy and sociable as it’s a time that those I may not see for ages or don’t chat to regularly pop up and say hello. March is full of birthdays so I’m forever writing cards and eating cake! I booked brilliant weather this weekend which is bound to have put a smile on your face! I love Spring with all the daffs and blossoms – I love the changing season.

I love the handmade cards from my children, the cheeky cards with digs about my age from people the same age, cards with daft messages that remind me of my teens, my rellies send me cards which serve as reminders that I’m part of a big huge family. But above all I love being reminded that a new chapter is beginning and I’m surrounded by lovely people.

For me my birthday is my new year, it’s when I stop being one age and start being another. It’s the start of another year. Obviously I still think I’m 17 or twenty-onceagain, so I’m not sure how I feel about being 45 but hey, it’s only a number and I’m happy I’ve got this far!

If it’s your birthday soon then Happy Birthday!


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