Books, cooks and memories


I love books, my family love books. We’ve got books everywhere in the house. Some books are on shelves, some are piled high on the floor, some are in boxes and some are in book bags, hand bags, glove compartments or on the stairs.

Today I was prattling around and looked at one shelf – fairly empty, a mixture of books, a mix of shapes and sizes …


I’ve had these books for years but haven’t really taken much notice of them. I regularly move books and furniture around so it’s always a surprise to find something that isn’t new but is in a new place! My eyes were drawn to this beauty ….


It made me chuckle because my Granny was a collector of useful information, hints and tips, recipes and household solutions …


She used to write lists and explanations and I think the funniest was for chocolate spread. Chocolate spread (good) as if Granny would ever have a bad recipe!


I’ve never seen a bad recipe from Granny but more hilariously I’ve never seen a mystery recipe either …


There you go!! An insight into Granny’s 1944 Recipe Book “a handy book for the housewife”. I must have a look through the shelves and boxes to see what other hints and tips I can glean!!



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