Life is mint


I’ve recently given up my excessive consumption of coffee and all that goes with it. Instead of my endless coffees with milk and one sugar or an extra large, extra hot and extra shot cappucino with 2 sugars I’ve switched to tea with a dash of milk or mint tea.


By making a small yet hugely significant change I’ve lost weight and saved money. It’s not just about the weight loss (although I was shocked to have lost 7lbs in my first week), it’s more about looking after me which I forget about. I’ve also chosen to forget a number of things like how much I’ve grazed on, or how I forget to do exercise and I forget to turn down a cake or a sweet or a piece of chocolate.

I’ve got a spring in my step, Spring is around the corner, there’s daffodils in the borders and in vases throughout the house and my windowsill has a jar of mint whilst my garden mint grows.

Life is mint.


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  1. Easily done – my gradual weight gain from just not thinking about what I put in my mouth (easy!!) was the motivation for the blog. It’s so easy to get caught up in looking after your family – and forget to look after yourself! Well done on the weight loss.

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