Teachers’ Strike. Today. So there you go. I’m not affected by the strike in as much as my day is hugely disrupted or I am scrabbling for childcare, but I do have one child at home whilst the other two go to school. School is a place of learning, it is not my childcare arrangement. My children being in school allows me to get on with my day without my children but it is in no way childcare in my mind.

I do have sympathy for teachers who do much much more than teach, they spend hours – long hours – working into the night to the detriment of their family and home life. I saw that first hand whilst trying to drag Mabel* out to play but no she couldn’t as she had marking to do. *not her real name

It’s wrong that the travel industry increases the prices in school holidays so is it any wonder people take their children out of school? That’s an issue the Government should be addressing.

The teachers who strike today won’t get paid.

I want my children taught by experienced, invigorated teachers who have the energy and enthusiasm to inspire and encourage them. I have friends who have left teaching just a few years before retiring, one is going part time to reduce her stress and one isn’t looking forward to working until 68. I don’t want my children to be constantly taught by supply teachers with no continuity, I don’t want my children to be taught by burnt out teachers, I don’t want my children’s prospects ruined by disruption.

There is a lot of discussion about the strikes and I appreciate everyone’s opinions but this post was written by me and it’s my understanding of today having spoken to those friends who are teachers. I’ve chosen not to chat to political friends as they are not teachers, or Gove himself as he is not a teacher.

I have written as a mother and a friend. I am not a political animal and I will neither agree nor disagree with some teachers who have made the decision to strike.


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