Storage Ideas and Dreams


I regularly discuss storage and my love of storage, it’s not quite an obsession but it is something I think about on a regular basis.  I have also been known to dream about storage.

All too often when people come round they admire my genius storage solutions.  I’ve used a jelly mould for a vase, enamel bread bins for anything but bread; I’ve had a garden planter full of towels to name but a few examples of multi-usage items!  Big Welsh despairs when he comes home as he doesn’t quite know what I might have moved around, painted, turned upside down or swapped!

Organisation is actually really simple to achieve (well I say that but then I look at the girls’ bedrooms and my heart sinks) and with so many companies with stunning storage solutions is it any wonder that I am spoilt for choice.

My kitchen is constantly under threat of having a wall removed so I am loath to get any more furniture, but that has not stopped me getting my bread bin from Ella’s Kitchen Company.  This breadbin is fantastic because it has a front opening drop down door so you can actually see what is in there, there is space underneath for a chopping board and the top is flat so you can house a toast rack and butter dish or anything you like.  I also need the kitchen cabinet, storage boxes, long handled dustpan & brush and the tongs!

I recently found Kate Watson-Smyth’s blog, what a treat it was to sit down and literally lose myself!  Look at her kitchen; I love the shelves behind the sink, the colour of the walls and the air holes at the top of the door!

One thing I do want in my kitchen is a standalone workstation and the one I have my eye on is on the Alison at Home website.

Another favourite is Dee Puddy who I met through Hunter Gatherer.  Her website is just a delight and I am very fond of my antique zinc storage baskets.

Of course Hunter Gatherer is another firm favourite, I particularly like the numbered stickers which will assist in any storage situations and the biodegradable dishcloth (which I like to look at)!

I tend to pick up shelves and things from Kim over at Pedlars Place, it’s well worth a visit and she also sells your stuff on 50/50 basis meaning you when I tire of something I can sell it and use the proceeds to buy something else.

Shelf Store is another place I have been looking at, they might be the answer to my bathroom towels and heaps of products my girls seem to have accumulated.  I like the easy to navigate website and the handy price helper. 

I recently met Vincent & Barn and I am really taken with the Glass Cabinet, ideal for bed linen!

Now I must research under the stairs storage!


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