Mother’s Day – Firstborn



Until my girls were born I was always bottom management in my immediate family tree, but it meant that I was the one making cards and gifts for mum, my grandmothers and my Godmothers.  I’d always say happy birthday to people on Mothering Sunday and when I met Big Welsh I assumed responsibility for his mum too!

However this all changed when our first born arrived.  That gorgeous girl who arrived nearly 16 years ago on her due date made us parents (and tired to boot).  I wont lie and suggest it was easy because it wasn’t.  I naively thought that motherhood would be as easy as looking after other people’s children.  How wrong was I?  But unlike other people’s children that you hand back at the end of the day there was no handing back and leaving my post, being her mum I was the one who put her baby into her cot, who got up with her in the night, who muddled through disillusioned with the new mother mafia and who handed her over, grudgingly, to her daddy when I was too tired to carry on.

When she started nursery we were treated to handmade gifts and cards, pictures made of pasta and items that were treasures that had to have a place on the shelf.  Now as we approach her 16th birthday the handmade gifts and cards aren’t as regular as they were, but the texts and emails always make me smile.  They normally ask me to do something for her or remind me to do something for her or ask for a lift home because her bag is too heavy, her legs are too tired or she has too much homework??!!!

Nearly 16 years ago I became a mum to my firstborn and since then I have experienced every known emotion and maternal feeling, but the strongest has to be love.  When I walk into her room I think I how much I love tidying up after her, when she makes an impromptu cup of tea I think she must love me heaps and when she leaves her laundry at the washing machine I feel she’s telling me that she loves the way I was her clothes for her.

Loops, you made me a mum, when the sisters arrived you were helpful and kind, when you want a chat I’ll listen and sometimes sing along, I love you more than I can say.




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