Mother’s Day – Proud Mama


I took the girls to  football yesterday and quite unlike me I stayed and quite unlike Mook she didn’t ask me to go. Some of the other mums turned up and as the coach was having difficulty parking Jane & I decided to give them a pep talk!!

We suggested they pulled their socks up, jogged on the spot, stopped arsing around and played like a together team who wanted to play AND win. When the coach and some of the blokes turned up we retreated to the sideline and poured a coffee. It’s hardwork this caretaker manager business.

The game started and then a penalty happened so Mook took it.  I couldn’t look.  As her foot kicked the ball my heart was in my mouth and as the ball went to the back of the net I was that woman, oh yes I was that mother who cheered loudly and then couldn’t speak because I was sobbing.

Mook then came off with a bleeding finger, thankfully (for the team) it was only a chipped nail (dramatic) and she was able to go back once plastered up (phew, hadn’t planned on waiting rooms of any sort) but she was slower than she was and her face had that pained expression. She kept rubbing her head and mouthed she had a headache. That set me off again as she had concussion less than 6 months ago and I was naturally worried. She carried on playing, still with pained expression and broken nail (such a trooper).


mook headache

Romy was in goal and let in 2 goals. I sobbed for her too as Fiona was away, Romes was staying with us and I was in loco parentis.


At half time the coach said Romy was out of goal and she had to score 2 goals. No pressure. Fair play to Romes she did score a goal, then the other team did making it 2-3, Lauren scored and Mook scored another one making the final score 4-3.

At one point I heard a number of the opposition say mark no 7, I obviously had to look and see who no 7 was and was surprised to see it was Mook. No 7 is also my niece’s number, she plays in the U16s for another team and who, according to my old Sgt, is a more than decent player and when his daughter’s team was playing her team they all agreed to mark no 7 as they’d heard about her (proud Aunty) they were therefore thrilled when my niece didn’t play and they won.

But I digress.

Each and everyone one of those girls played a blinding match and whilst I haven’t a clue about off side, formation, penalty boxes and the etiquette of throwing the ball back I could see they played a blinding bit of football.

Big thanks must go to Helen Jolliffe for her amazing photos, her lens caught the determination, skill and bounciness of this team who haven’t had many wins but who have won their last 2 matches.  Do take a look at her website if you are looking for any photography.

To Dave the coach, Warren, Steve and Paul who ran up and down and shouted technical terms thank you, it saved us running and shouting!!  To Jane, Karen and Di who oohed and ahhed with me and poured coffee!

But above all to Mook, my beautiful middle daughter (and her brilliant team) thank you for making me so proud and thank you for playing a game that was fast, furious, dynamic and memorable.


Now who else needs a pep talk?






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