Shoe Fitting


similar to the dentist’s chair

I really don’t like going to the dentist, but when I used to take my 3 for a school shoe fitting that really used to tip me over the edge!!  Stressful!  As well as the regular shoe fitters there was always one that would be a casual member of the shoe fitting world and they would be the one to deal with my lot, the children would be in grouches due to lack of acceptable and trendy choice, the waiting times would be ridiculous and the shoe shop or area would be so hot that you’d be semi naked when the magic number is called.

Ha!  Not so in Becca’s shop Cariad in Brecon.  Becca has been a child in the days when there was a distinct lack of school shoe choices, she also has children, she knows all about successful shoe fittings AND she can decipher what the parent is saying “will you not find laces slow you down?” roughly equates to “laces are not an option” and “not sure taking a toy into school is a good idea” means “no toys”.  I’ve also known her since school, when our school shoe choices were dire! We were made to wear Lisa Dee shoes and they were nicknamed boats because they were vessels, they kept the water out and when Lucy Peacock filled hers with water they kept the water in!



school shoes, black or well black!

Whilst Laree was having her Cinderella moment I was looking at shoes for little people, it took me back to when I bought the first pair of Start-Rites!


oh I loved those dinky little shoes

and wondering what the biggest size was (asking for a friend!)


oh look green shoes!

With shoes sorted and acceptable all round we paid our money and admired the rest of the shop


beautiful clothing


Gorgeous cards from Licorice Trading


lovely pram


Hey Mr Tambourine Man

before heading to Becca’s other shop Ty Cariad for a Keith Brymer Jones bowl for Big Welsh and a bracelet for me.


If you’re looking for a shoe fitter in who will make the whole shoe fitting experience a stress-free pleasure then head to Brecon, go and see Becca and support an independent retailer while you’re at it!

Cariad is at 6 The Bulwark, Brecon and Ty Cariad is at 6b The Bulwark, you can also find them on FB, Pinterest and Twitter and there’s also an eBay shop.


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