Our introduction to Reading Rockets


I’ve known Matt (Reading Rocket’s director of coaching) for a while and he has often said “come along and watch a game of basketball” but for one reason or another the dates never really tallied with our frantic diary. However in the Easter holidays there was a game that we were able to go along to and crikey are we glad we went!

Yes yes we were glad! The girls had dabbled in basketball at school but I’d never seen a game in full flow so it was a steep learning curve! Very steep! I knew the players were tall but let’s face it being 5′ 2″ then I think 5′ 4″ is tall. I looked at the programme and some of them were 6′ 9″, that’s not just tall that’s really really REALLY tall!

From the moment the game started we were cheering and groaning in all the right places along with a loyal crowd of home supporters, we got into singing “let’s go Rockets” and there was of course much hurrahing and clapping. Matt kindly explained some of the rules to us and in the quarter breaks I did a quick search on how to play basketball so I felt a little bit more knowledgeable. It was a fast moving game, with a huge amount of skill and ball control, the players didn’t shout at each and gesticulate crazily
like other sports when they’re like here, here, here, here – to me, to me, to me (frankly that’s just telling the opposition your game plan) and it was exceedingly family friendly.

We are going again, I think you can say we’ve got the bug!! Laree was booked on the holiday camp the following week and seeing a game in full flow she was excited and l’ll share with you more of that another time. The Rockets play at Rivermead in Caversham which is easy to find and where there’s plenty of pay and display parking.

Anyway don’t just take my word for it, why don’t you go and see for yourself – take all the family, take your friends it’s a fabulous atmosphere, it’s family friendly, it’ll inspire you to pick up a ball, it’s fast moving, it’s our local team, it’s brillYANT!

Thanks Matt for the family ticket!


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