Surprise words


As we drove away from school we took the road down to the station. Great Malvern is a station we were all familiar with and it really hadn’t changed an awful lot over the years. We pulled out onto the road and Foe casually remarked at how much exercise we used to do without thinking about it, all that walking no wonder our thighs were like TARANTULAS!

Tarantulas?? I screamed asking what the crazy fool meant, I don’t see thighs and tarantulas in the same sentence but Foe has always been slightly more bonkers than me so I realised there would be some incredible explanation.

She pointed at a sign and I screeched a) with laughter and b) as I turned into the road to take a photo, this photo …..


Foe hasn’t actually confirmed what word she was looking for but I can assure you my legs don’t look like tarantulas.


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