Thrills, spills and the Malvern Hills


My friend Foe came over from Canada for the Memorial Service of our friend Charch and I drew the lucky card / short straw was her journey planner. The plan was to leave Wokingham at 1130am, head to Mac & Jac’s for lunch, visit our cookery teacher, wander around our old school and visit the OM office to pick up a necklace for Charch’s mum.

That was the plan, I wasn’t going to tell her about the Malvern bit as it would be a huge surprise and I wanted her to see the Malvern Hills without warning!

In the end I had to tell her because we had to do a detour to Heathrow to pick up her luggage that got delayed and I was desperately trying to get out of the door so that we’d be in Cardiff in good time.

As we drove along the road signs went from Malvern being a word to Malvern being 30, 15, 6 and 1/2 mile away. Excitement was mounting. As Foe saw the hills in the distance she started oohing and ahhhing, when we reached the show ground she was beside herself, by the time we drove through the gates into School House I thought she was going to burst!


Malvern is where it all began, where education was the objective, long lasting and enduring friendships were made and where we walked up and down those hills for thrills, spills and adventures.


We had a great time bimbling around the college, Foe was gobsmacked at the soft furnishings and home comforts, we visited the OM office and chuckled at a box of the most treasured article a girl at our school ever had – a Red Book and Foe took plenty of photos.

As we left school laughing and
crying Kim asked us if we’d seen Thelma & Louise. Charming.


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