Not just any plant sale


Friends and family have been aware of a date in my diary for a while and know that it’s one of those “tamper proof” dates, a date that cannot and will not be moved and why. That date was yesterday, the second Saturday in May, just incase you want to write it in your diary in INK for next year. The reason is the Plant Sale in Charlton Musgrove, Somerset organised by Georgie of Common Farm Flowers. This year it was in aid of the church and HeadSmart, where all the plants are £1. Yes £1 each.

I got up at 615, quick shower and coffee, cursory glance at the world in my phone and at 7am (on a Saturday) headed off towards the A303 where I was meeting Sally Swannell for a Little Chef coffee and the handover of a raffle prize. I also got a kiss from a the cheery Squire from Exeter Morris Men. Amazing what you can find in a Little Chef! A short stop in the lay-by as I chatted to Paul Ross on BBC Radio Berkshire about the £6 supper recipe and off I went.

The plant sale runs from 930 to 1130. On arrival at 931 the car park was full and my boot was empty. A quick hello to Georgie, Emily and Saskia and I browsed the plants. I wish I could say I was familiar with all the names but the beauty of gardening for me is to plant, tend, water and watch it grow in wonder and amazement! Georgie and the team know what they’re talking about and to be honest if Georgie says this is great, this smells divine, this will look good here, etc etc then it is needed for my garden.


Georgie kindly suggested plants, I duly nodded, she put them to one side and she then introduced me to Sacha Langton-Gilks and we talked and talked, laughed and laughed, talking and laughing about everything and anything. Sacha is an amazing woman and it was fascinating to hear about everything she has been doing to raise awareness of brain tumours.

I also met Margaret Miller, who I know as drawmill on Twitter. Her drawings are stunning, do take a look.

In addition to plants there was a tombola with some amazing prizes, here’s one I picked up earlier


and in the room next door there was a cafe selling delicious cakes. I rather liked the meringue. I liked it lots!


My car was then loaded up and off I went to Shaftesbury for lunch.


There’s plenty of planting to do!

If you’re keen to create gorgeous borders then I’d head to Charlton Musgrove for the plant sale next year! Let’s all meet up?


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