You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends.

True, but I wouldn’t want to have to choose mine because the family I’ve got is a fabulous bunch of characters who just so happen to all have great genes and brilliant relatives!

Although our branch is small as there’s only my brother and I, our family tree is massive. My father was an only child with 5 cousins on his father’s side and 5 cousins on his mother’s side. Mum has 2 sisters but they’ve had no children so we have no first cousins. Mum’s mother had 6 brothers and sisters so she has heaps of cousins and her father had one brother who had no children but was loved by many for his numerous acting roles. As a result we’ve got loads of second cousins, once or twice removed but to us they’re just cousins – they are family.

On Wednesday we appeared en masse on Whittington for my great aunt’s funeral.


Aunty Gwen was married to my paternal grandfather’s younger brother, she was our oldest relative at nearly 101 and the service was both uplifting and memorable. There were many familiar faces, people connected to the Regiment and Watchman the Regimental mascot, the smartest Staffie I have ever seen.

With the family spread out across the world each with a variety of lifestyles, careers and interests we rarely catch up en masse but when we do it’s easy, happy, comfortable and fun. That to me is what family is all about.




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