Cooking with Netherton Foundry


For as long as I can remember I’ve loved cooking.  My grannies were great cooks who effortlessly created feast upon feast for hungry family and friends, my mother catered for hundreds with every party she threw, going to stay with friends and spending time in their kitchens was always great fun and at school my friends and I tried to work out quite what it was that happened to be on our plate!  I did cookery but didn’t pass the ‘O’ Level, let’s gloss over that, but undeterred I knew I could cook and apart from my very disastrous spinach and lentil roulade I’ve never made such an awful mistake again!

Cooking for me is both a hobby and a necessity, my family need to eat but it’s something I enjoy doing so I invest in my equipment, choosing products well so they’re built to last and fit for purpose. Not only that but it needs to look good. One such item in my kitchen is my slow cooker, it ticks all the boxes and then some. I’ve got links to Shropshire through my ancestors the Izons so it came as no surprise I started following Netherton Foundry who have a fabulous range of cast iron cookware, clocks and miscellany that are ideal for kitchens and perfect for gifts.  I particularly like the fact that they have used my favourite quote which is my justification for useful and beautiful things!

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris  1834–1896

I’ve started my collection with a Slow Cooker which sits happily in the corner of the kitchen, is used and admired in equal measures and now I would not be without it!  Next on my list is a frying pan and Big Welsh who is the best at stir fries clearly needs a wok!  I’m also a storage queen so the pan rack would be ideal!


. For those campers and glampers there’s a glamping pan! I’ve also just heard there’s a nut roasting pan – THAT is a necessity!!

The ordering process was very simple and my box arrived within a few days, well packed and with recipes which are fabulous and feature my kind of food!  

Since then I have been tweeting Netherton News and telling them my recipes and other kitchen stories, so when they asked me if I would like to collaborate with them and tell you about them, of course I said a great big smiling YES, so when you you head to the website and place an order with Netherton Foundry you can get a 5% discount when you put PEACOCK in the checkout.



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