Sometimes I look around me and I just feel happy inside.

Recently I was sitting in the kitchen with Big Welsh and Foe a schoolfriend who was over from Canada, we were drinking wine, chatting and laughing. Today I did the obligatory barking at the children, sat and had a cup of tea outside, watched the dog roll on his toys on the lawn, put washing on the line, mopped the sitting room and plumped the cushions. Little things but they’ve made me happy, spending time with family and friends or looking at a room when the chores are done there’s no price to happiness.

Little things make people happy and happiness is a little thing that puts a smile on people’s faces, happiness is infectious and spreads far and wide.


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  1. yes u are right! the little things in life.. I remember sitting inthe kitchen watching u while u made spaghetti sauce with bacon.. and now I put bacon in my spag sauce and think of u ! deeeelish..i was just thinking it was only 3 weeks ago today that u surprised me at Heathrow! that was great xxx

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