A party you say?


Not so long ago I had a chat with a friend who knows what she’s talking about with regards to weddings (having got married, written a book Wedding Season and whose daughter recently got married) and she (oh so) very kindly reminded me that with 3 girls I’d quite probably be involved in weddings.  I, of course, thanked her for this and worked out which arm and leg to sell to pay for them!  We also discussed the mother/daughter relationship and all about planning a wedding which led me back to my own wedding and prompted me to write a wedding blog.

If I was to be getting married now, knowing all the wonderful people and businesses that I do, then I would have a weekend festival of loveliness and quirkiness, a showcase of all those that are both brillYANT and in my address book!  I understandably would book amazing weather and all our friends and family would come along and celebrate with us!

However, I am not getting married – although it is our 18th wedding anniversary on Saturday, BUT it’s our 20th wedding anniversary in 2 years and Katie suggested renewing our vows.  Any excuse for a party!  So I did some thinking!!!

I’ll hold it at Mum’s as her field is the best place for a marquee and as it’s in the middle of nowhere then no-one will be disturbed.  There won’t be fireworks or Chinese lanterns but Helen will hang loads of glass jars around not with candles but with battery operated candles.

I’d slip my feet into my Slinks and would  probably find something to wear (on the morning of), whilst Big Welsh will be blissfully unaware of any kind of celebration and will cycle to Mum’s in a personalised cycling jersey!  The girls would wear what they’re happy in and I’d treat them to personalised Converses (with flowers in their hair making a nice change to hedges) and knowing Laree she would be barefoot, have muddy hands and carry a butterfly net within a few minutes.

Arthur would of course have a special outfit, a gorgeous bow and new collar and would be friends with everyone whose hands are at his head height!  He’d obviously need to bring a plus one and I can’t think of anyone smarter than Jane Means‘ labrador who wears a ribbon well!  I’d actually love to have loads of black labradors wearing gorgeous bows which would be hilarious, cut down on cleaning costs and waste and would be one for Shannon to tick off her bucket list of wedding photography!

Jane Means’ beautiful dog, a stunning companion for Arthur (thank you for allowing me to use this photo)

Georgie would of course do the flowers, big buckets of Common Farm Flowersjam jar posies on every table and doors would be adorned with British flowers.

Beautiful British flowers from http://www.commonfarmflowers.com

The tables would be gorgeous thanks to Time for Tea Vintage (I love photo no 5 th best, for the peacock feather and pom poms) and Hunter Gatherer’s Rechargeable cork bottle stopper lights on every table.  Around the marquee, field and garden there would be decorations from Giddy KipperCherry Pie LaneMoobaacluck and Bodlon, with Party Bales dotted around.

 I’d really like a “tuck in table” covered in cheese, hams, pates and pickles, Jane would whip up a croquembouche and there would be plenty of wine, gin, sloe gin, vodka and beer, with cordials in decanters and liqueurs to keep everyone happy.  My great friend Tara Daisy Icicles would be there with Daisy Ices and she will be delighted to know that I have overdosed on rose and violet flavours so none of those thank you!

 There’d be music,  lots of music (in my dreams ELO would reform, Abba would be a surprise part of the proceedings, I’d get R5 along for the children and would ask Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks to do a duet.  I’d also get Tom Jones to come along; maybe he could bring the inlaws from Wales with with him; they’d like a tour bus experience with Sir Tom I’m sure).  As Laree knows every word to every song I’d suggest she has a chat with Mike Read to sort the playlist!

 I’d have to make sure that there were no sporting events taking place or Big Welsh wouldn’t be able to make it and neither would Ady who as well as being on the radio and telly is also an after dinner speaker – he has masses of amusing tales to tell (obviously not about my sporting achievements!).

The guest list would of course be an eclectic mix, we’d have “over the years” photos as table names and Shannon would take masses of photos on the day, the first time I met her she wowed me with her album books (I homed in on the black labrador photos!) – that way then everyone who is part of our lives is all in one book together, a pictorial address book!

 Guests would camp in the field next door, there’d be no need to bring anything other than bed, clothes and toothbrush as the “tuck in table” would have food throughout the day constantly replenished and changed so that no-one would get bored!  Tartiflette, chilli, risotto and various salads would feature.  I’d also like a Croqembouche oh look here’s the one I want from Jane Staunton!


 All I would ask is that everyone came along, raised a glass and enjoyed themselves – as I said any excuse for a party!

 Now I must phone Mama and warn her!


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  1. Just a simple, small gathering then? Is this a case of ‘youth is wasted on the the young’? It’d be interesting to see how we would plan our weddings today…mine was in Thailand with Buddhist monks, not sure 44-year-old me would go with that…

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