Crying into my cappuccino


This week was turning into one of “those” weeks (rolls eyes, tuts and tsks) and I was going to breeze through it getting bogged down, irritated and frustrated by the smallest crumb on my work surface, the tiniest piece of paper on table and THE most miniature towel on the floor. Ok so the size of the towel on the floor is immaterial, but everything – just everything – was getting to me.

Today I had plans to meet a friend and we texted away to firm up, agreeing to meet somewhere that was relatively easy for both of us. I surprised myself by being early so ordered my cappu and sat down in the corner, no sooner had I texted to say I’m hiding in the corner she arrived and we had the chat about the menu and then her cappu arrived. I wanted her opinion on something and as we didn’t have much time I quickly garbled out a tiny grump before discussing something unrelated.

You know when a friend looks at you and you feel it’s alright to cry into your cappuccino, well that happened. Out it all tumbled and she nodded with her head on one side at times (not sure which side but that doesn’t matter) and said all the right, she was sympathetic and gave some honest (not brutally so but honest none the less) advice and I felt uplifted.

A good chunk of the day has passed since I cried into my cappuccino and I feel better and more positive and do you know what? No I don’t suppose you do! Well I’ll tell you.

Next time I see my friend I will laugh into my latte.

Thank you my friend x


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