Gift Suggestions and Solutions – Menfolk


On Christmas Eve 2013 I was the Midnight Expert on BBC Radio 5Live, my expertness was of course shopping.

I have always taken great pleasure in finding presents, gifts, tokens and gestures for family and friends.  It’s a genetic thing I believe.  My paternal grandmother was a vastly superior shopper to me and each time I saw her she would have something new to look at, having gone shopping on a whim to find that something to go just there whilst the mood took her, whatever the distance.  My maternal grandmother would relish in finding something new and would tell everyone about it!  I am very similar it would seem, but where one Granny was secretive about her finds I am like the other Granny and am more than happy to tell people where I found something.  My mother on the other hand would often return with furniture treasures to transform (like a chest of drawers which became a high bed with storage), food (a brace of pigeons or pheasants  to turn into a pate) or material (creating curtains or dresses).

Mum isn’t part of the internet generation and I think if the Grannies were still here one would have the internet on a lock down and would never embrace Social Media incase it was seen as a threat to reveal her sources, whereas the other one would be in her element – pausing only for Wimbledon!

As it’s Father’s Day on Sunday I’d like to share a few ideas for gifts:-

Gardening was a large part of growing up and my family’s gardens were crammed full of flowers (how many times did we hear “mind my dahlias” is nobody’s business) so it comes as no surprise that I would recommend The Gluttonous Gardener for a fantastic selection of gifts.  I bought my brother a Wine & Vine 8 years ago which criss crosses the garden at about 70ft long and has a decent crop of grapes making decent wine.  Over at Common Farm Flowers there are plenty of British Flowers to choose from as well as gifts and courses.

Sport has always played a huge part of my life so it comes as no surprise that I’ve bought plenty of sporty gifts over the years, Big Welsh has been a keen cyclist for ages now and is happy with gift voucher so he can buy some random piece of metal that is all too important, next on the list is a retro merino cycling jersey from Jura Cycle Clothing (they also personalise the jerseys so if you’re looking for kit for a team or a charity then that’s another idea for you!).  As a family we cycle which is where this Bicycle Cup Holder from Ella’s Kitchen Company comes into its own!  I also like this cyclist sculpture from Pavilion Interiors.

Kitchen Big Welsh has a few specialties including pancakes, Welsh Cakes and barbecues so some ideal gifts for the kitchen man would be Netherton Foundry’s outdoor cooking range (the good news is you can enjoy a 5% discount when you enter PEACOCK at checkout), Hunter Gatherer’s Personalised Steak Branding Iron, Dots and Spots Star Dad mug, a mug with Welsh words from BodlonEmma Bridgewater’s Daddy Mugs or a fab apron from Rockadoo Designs.

I hope you gain some inspiration from here.





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