Having bought my ticket for Britmums Live from that nice woman I was looking forward to seeing some of my lovely friends as well as meeting people who I have tweeted with/followed/read blogs of and going to some of the sessions.   Hmmmmmmmm.  That was the plan, I didn’t count on the dog getting an infection in his incision which led him to being in pain and whimpering each time he rolled over and me being drained.  I’ll also be honest with you, not only was my lovely black dog uncomfortable but I was sensing that an unwelcome black dog was approaching and I felt overwhelmed and emotional.  I spent much of Thursday having ups and downs, I mentally wrote blog posts entitled I’m going to Britmums or I’m not going to Britmums and told a few folk I wasn’t going.  I woke up on Friday exhausted, clearly I wasn’t going but I might make Saturday.

Anyway enough of the will she/won’t she?

The antibiotics kicked in an Arth was more comfortable and I felt brighter so I decided I would go on the Saturday.  So that’s what I did; leaving home at 0656 armed with a strong coffee.  I texted everyone I had told I wasn’t going to tell them I was going and then sat back and let the train take the strain (I know it’s an old ad but it’s stuck!).  Waterloo was blissfully quiet and the Drain was a delight, having commuted for years it was rare to feel cool and sit down!

After a short walk I arrived at The Brewery, biting the bullet I walked on in, picked up my lanyard and headed for coffee.  Mmmmh coffee!

Shortly after that Amanda Jennings turned up and we had a natter, then Amanda beckoned to Rachael Lucas and I can’t tell you how lovely it was to meet her at long last (it’s OK you don’t have to tell her as I told her how lovely it was to meet her as well and it bloody well was, we had chatted for ages and she always sends me a hug filled tweet or comment so I feel I know her), then the lovely Emma turned up and off we went to listen to Ben Brooks-Dutton‘s session which was lovely (might have itched my eye a bit!).  After that we went to a session that made me itch both eyes and sniff loudly – How To Be an Agent of Change: Advocacy and charity campaigns with Lindsay Atkin, Lilies Are Like YouTuber; Camila Batmanghelidjh, Kids Company; Hayley Goleniowska, Downs Side Up; Chris Mosler, Thinly Spread.  Having delivered assemblies on behaviour and anti bullying as a Youth Offending Link Officer in my policing days it reminded me of how important it is to communicate and keep in the loop. Then more coffee, chats with Katy Hill and then Collaboration: Working together for bigger traffic and larger impact with Annabel, Country Wives; Tanya Barrow, Mummy Barrow; Maggy Woodley, Red Ted Art which was great fun.  I’m all for a bit of collaboration what with my coach trip mentality!

I had to pop and see Highland Spring as they retweeted Arthur’s tiara photo and there I met Dominique who was both lovely and chatty, so it was a nice treat to sit with her and Ali and a load of other people.  I also met lots of other bloggers and had huge laughs with heaps of happy people, there were so many names to take in.  There was also wine!



All too soon it was time for us to head back home, so we grabbed our bags from the concierge, picked up our Britmums party bag and hoofed across to Waterloo.

It was a busy Saturday, but a fun packed Saturday – thank you Britmums.


A busy #Britmumslive Saturday


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  1. Was so lovely to see you there – albeit briefly! Didn’t manage to find you again to continue chatting but I find that’s always the way with those events! And all a bit overwhelming / exhausting! See you again soon I hope x

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