The Carrot Sisters


Lovely Laree Lala is raising money for pioneering research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease. Her Aunty died aged 30 of metastatic ocular cancer after an 8 year illness so when a school friend said she had a friend who has Stargardt and was doing The Carrot Walk Laree jumped in with the enormous speed and alacrity we are all familiar with.  Laree has joined in with a group of 9 year old girls who are known as The Carrot Sisters and together they are walking 6 miles at night on September 19th around London.

Now they are trying to raise funds in various ways to support their walk.  The purpose of their fundraising is to support a friend who has a genetic eye disease which has robbed her of her central vision leaving her now with only peripheral vision. Funds that are raised will go to ‘Fight for Sight’, a charity that funds research in to cures for sight loss. In the future they hope to be able to assist both children and adults who are affected by such conditions.

These children have joined together to raise money to fund research that we hope will enable a future where everyone can see.  Inherited sight loss should not be inevitable.

They are kicking off their fund raising efforts with a Family Disco which is an opportunity for The Carrot Sisters to enjoy some fun with their friends before they put in some miles before THE walk.

I appreciate everyone has their charities but incase you wanted to donate here’s the link 


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