Delicious Deli


When Matt Johnson of Reading Rockets fame suggested I popped into ZottaDeli in Winnersh he said I would not be disappointed, well I wasn’t!  What a great Italian deli!  #favouritelocaldeli

I instantly got on the phone, spoke to Amalia and said I would be in the next day.  True to my word I turned up and true to Matt’s word I wasn’t disappointed.  I have never seen so much pasta, each side of the aisle there are shelves of pasta of which Amalia explained their uses and we chatted recipes.  As it was nearing lunch and I was heading off to BBC Radio Berkshire I said I’d grab a few slices of parma and cheese and Amalia prepared a platter of ham, cheese, salami, olives, bread – delicious.  I had promised Mike that I would be bringing in cake but he was certainly not disappointed, you can listen in here (you’ve got 5 days from today to hear it!).

As I had guests for supper the following day I just had to go back and pick up some provisions.  Again I was in the pasta aisle and chose Ziti Napoletani then picked up some Mascarpone, Parmesan and some very hot salami to make a sauce with (previously purchased) courgettes, onion and garlic.  There is so much choice – wine, soft drinks, children’s favourites, sweets, biscuits, bread, olives, anchovies, tuna, cheese, oils, – everything!  I love simple cooking and this recipe was simple and tasty!


Love the waxed paper!


Simple Sauce

Slice onions, garlic and thinly sliced or grated courgette, stir fry in butter, when soft add in Mascarpone.



Having broken the pasta into pieces I boiled it in a pan of salted water, however it’s just as easy to cook whole and then snip with scissors when cooked.


Dishing Up

These tongs from Ella’s Kitchen Company are idea for serving pasta!


As we had guests who might not have the hot taste buds that we have I also chopped up some prosciutto and of course plenty of Parmesan!


Eating Up



Needless to say it all went, so I started all over again for our supper – which was washed down with my favourite Limonata


I love small independent shops and ZottaDeli is definitely on my go to lots list!  With plenty of parking at the rear and right by the Winnersh crossroads it is easy to find.  If you do pay them a visit be sure to say I recommended them!

And just incase you were worried there was no cake listen here!



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