Proud as can be!


I kid you not, my family never cease to amaze me and with amazement comes a massive sense of pride.

As you read this I couldn’t be more proud of my cousin Julie and she knows it!  Julie isn’t just any cousin, she’s an author and granddaughter of my late Great Uncle Phil, the brother my late Granny was immensely proud of.  Uncle Phil wasn’t just any uncle either, he was The Colonel of Tamarkan and the photo in the book is the photo that was on Granny’s desk in the drawing room.

Pride, I imagine is inherited and I can barely type with excitement!  My Granny was lovely – well she was lovely to me and we spent heaps of time together, she taught me to cook and sew, she instilled a love of flowers, words, reading, writing and music.  She was one of seven and she loved her brothers like a sister truly does, Arthur, George and Phil were words that made her face light up and when her siblings and their wives and husbands died she went from being one of the youngest to the one who kept us all up to date with the family news.  If Granny was alive now everyone would know the exciting news.  Sadly Granny died 16 years ago and never met my girls or niece.  Granny truly loved her family and was proud of everyone, her address book was bulging, her birthday was always celebrated and parties were well attended, anniversaries and occasions were planned with military precision, therefore it was no surprise that when she died the church was packed.

Granny was a woman of routine, each morning Grandpa would make her breakfast, use his knife to open her post leaving it on the toast rack together with her Nimble bread lightly toasted, she would put on her outdoors shoes to go and pick flowers, her lists were like no other, the world would stop for Wimbledon and everything would slow down for Songs of Praise, BBC News, Points West and Sunday evening dramas, which is why Julie’s news is so exciting .

You see Julie has shared the exciting news that ITV has commissioned a six-part drama about the life of Women’s Institute members on the Home Front during World War II based on Jambusters.  








Yes!  When I heard the news I was so excited and so utterly proud!


So, that’s why I am as proud as can be and when I told my girls they were understandably proud too.



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