A lifetime ago …


Sitting at St Pancras International with my soon to be 16 year old first born. It’s crowded but it’s just us. She’s eating fruit and I’m sipping wine. It’s a lifetime ago since she was born, well it’s her lifetime ago ….

16 years ago I know exactly what I was doing. I was waiting for my firstborn to arrive. Of course she was going to arrive on her due date! Of course!! I’d walked to town or rather waddled and then had to get a taxi home from the council offices as there was no way I would be able to walk down the road and over the level crossing. I’d watched Dangerfield whilst eating a cheese and onion sandwich, shouted at Martin & Jimmy to be quiet and then had a snooze. Then when Big Welsh came home we had lamb chops, new potatoes, peas and sweetcorn (for a change). After supper we went upstairs to watch the storm.

15 hours and 8 minutes later weighing 8lbs 10oz our beautiful firstborn was born. Lucy Bethan, Little Bump, La Bastille arrived on her due date.

Which is why we’re at St Pancras International. I’m being a bonne maman and taking ma premier-né fille to Paris to show her how the Parisians celebrate her birthday.

You know I’m emotional …. well so far we’ve laughed!! I got off the tube and decided to get on again – as the doors shut, only a minor panic with me one side of the door and Loops the other side! I walked off confidently in the wrong direction at St Pancras, only to be told the exit was the other way. But, I am feeling emotional but I’m also feeling blessed and happy that my eldest actually wants to go away on a short break with me for her birthday, I think it’s because I’ve got the euros!




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