New beginnings


A new week and a new month start right here and what better way to start a new episode than making some changes. I’m always looking at making changes and Mondays are a great place to start.

This month I’ve got plans and lists that I’m determined to get underway and tick off so let’s get cracking!

The house is in chaos – when isn’t it? During the summer holidays we’ve been decorating which involved moving mostly everything from the girls’ bedrooms into storage. What didn’t go into storage went to the tip and I feel I’m now on first name terms with the high vis men who wave at me and offer to help haul junk and tut out of the boot. I’m also up on tip etiquette and will admit to getting frustrated when people park across the bay instead of reversing into it!

The two rooms are nearly ready for full habitation (or hibernation) and now it’s the massive task of putting clothes away and having a good long look at said clothes and finding them a home, be it in the cupboards or onto a new home via the eBay seller route, hand me downs or charity. After that’s done we don’t expect to see the girls until mealtimes or school run!

Next up is Laree’s bedroom which is getting the full works, the downside of an old house is the repairs and there’s an area of damp that needs addressing which will lead to reappearing and a new carpet, she wants white carpet but at nearly 10 with felt tips I’m not going to authorise that! When her room is done it will last her for years and I’m not sure she will enjoy looking at a splodge of ink in years to come so it’s going to be grey which will look just fine with her reading corner teepee from YouMi & Teepee.

When that’s all done and everything is straight upstairs the linen cupboard needs sorting out and my storage research has led me once again to Vincent and Barn who are a small local company with big inspiration. The existing airing cupboard/linen cupboard is going to be transformed into a working wardrobe though I’d quote like to keep it empty and pretend it’s the Mr Benn changing room!!

Downstairs I’m going to be even more ruthless than I have been! In the sitting room the sofas that have lost their comfort factor are going to be replaced, the wood burner is going to be installed and the sitting room is going to be tidy all the time. She says. The dining room table is going to be used for what it was designed for and won’t be a dumping ground, the new bench is arriving on Thursday and entertaining will be back on the menu.

Speaking of food I’m going to do meal plans and get the packed lunches sorted the night before so there’s no more scrambling together when we’re running late!

Perhaps the biggest change is going to be me. I’m going to take my excuses to the tip, dust down my trainers, dig out the Lycra and deal with my excess weight and laziness. For too long now I’ve hidden behind the layers of self destruction and it’s time for action. Serious action. I can and will do it, because I need to and more importantly I want to.

It’s a new week and a new month, it’s time to make some plans and lists!


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