Comfort Food


It’s that time of year, you know the signs – socks, jumpers, fire wood, comfort food. Just saying comfort foods makes me comforted! I love cooking so thought I’d share my comfort foods with you. So in no particular order here they are:-


Love it. This is the ultimate comfort food in our house!

Par boil the potatoes, meanwhile fry the lardons or bacon with leeks and set aside. Slice the potatoes and layer the bacon/lardons and leeks in a big dish. Pour on the melted fondue cheese (I buy it ready made), pop some reblochon on the top and then throw in the oven. Take out when you think it’s done and serve with green salad & vinaigrette and large culfs of bread.


My recipe varies but I tend to make a sauce of mince, leeks, garlic, grated carrots, red peppers and passata with a homemade cheese sauce half of which is strong cheddar and the other half a mix of Parmesan and mozzarella. Layer it up and serve with green veg or salad, bread and lots of red wine.

Shepherd’s Pie or Mince Pie

I don’t like the smell of minced lamb cooking so I just call my beef mince with mash Shepherd’s Pie. Again a mix of mince, passata, leeks, garlic, grated carrot, grated courgette with a creamy mash on top, sometimes with cheese or whole grain mustard. Served with green veg.

Aubergine Bake

Sliced Aubergine, garlic, leeks, onions, plum tomatoes, passata and mozzarella. In oven. Done.

Bangers and mash

I like chilli sausages with mash and slow roasted red peppers, tomatoes and garlic with mash.


Love a roast with roasted parsnips, turnips, carrots, squash, cauliflower cheese, heaps of green veg and gravy. Don’t mind which but the beef has to be pink and the meat can’t be dry.

Cheese on toast

Simple. With chilli jelly.

Baked beans on toast

Brown bread, no cheese.


Pretty much like any mince mix I make but with kidney beans, mixed beans and chilli. Served with jacket spuds, rice, tortillas and sour cream.

Chicken Kiev

Whack the chicken breasts flat, lob in some garlic butter, cover in egg and breadcrumbs, dish up with jacket spuds, peas and sour cream.


I’ve got a Slow Cooker from Netherton Foundry that slowly cooks all kinds of stews. Anything goes!

Of course now I’ve started listing my comfort foods I’m bound to have missed some out, I’ll just have to write Comfort Foods version 2.


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