So it begins


As from tomorrow mornings will take on a different look. Instead of the lazy and casual approach to the day military precision will return and owing to an Inset Day my younger two only have a 2 day school week this week.

For 6 weeks we’ve got up and idled, breakfast has happened whenever anyone got up, plans were made for no earlier than 1030am, clothes were thrown on and bedtime was relaxed. That’s how holidays should be!

Tomorrow morning we will be thrown back into organised panic or routine as I like to call it. Am I ready? Am I hell. Are they ready? Ummm that’ll be a big fat no. Despite my best intentions to get everything ready we’re ill prepared but it doesn’t matter because we will be. We will be because we need to be.

As countless families get themselves ready for the new school year there’ll be laughter and panic and what better way to spend the last 24 hours of the summer holidays!

Good luck to those families who are standing at the school gates with their children for the first time ever thinking that the day will take forever, believe you me after doing school and nursery run for 13 years it won’t drag and before long it’ll be home time and you’ll wonder where the day has gone. Soon you’ll be rooting through school bags looking for lost letters, finding half eaten food and dashing around making plans for an active social life that isn’t yours.


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