Musical memories and meanings


people stumble into your life and either stay with you or slope off

I’m often asked how do you know such and such, how did you meet this person and do you still see that person which always makes me smile and takes my mind back to when we did actually first meet. I’m a very sociable person and communication is important to me. Being away at boarding school I kept in touch with my home friends during term time ad my school friends during holidays by writing letters and phone calls. Now we’ve all grown up we keep in touch by text, social media, phone and still by writing letters.

Sometimes I see something or hear a song and I think of those friends associated with it prompting me to get in touch. I like that as shared memories are special and sometimes distance and life get in the way.

Here’s just a tiny selection of musical memories and their meanings ….

Do they know it’s Christmas was everywhere in 1984, hearing that I am 15 again.

I know him so well was playing one Bonfire night at Zee’s and we started singing it, Jimmy (Scottish and hilarious) said oh that’s the anthem of the upper classed twits.

High by the Lighthouse Family was on the radio when I was in labour with Loops.

The man who sold the world by David Bowie was on constant play in the car when we were in Australia for 6 weeks, Loops was 4 and Mook was nearly 2. They are word perfect.

Don’t let it show by The Alan Parsons Project, when a situation was getting to me and the best advice given to me was not to let it show.

All out of love by Air Supply was much played during my teens and then sung drunkenly and tearfully by Foe and myself very early in the morning of Charch’s memorial.

Dambusters was the tune to one of our school hymns, every summer at the end of year service it would be the cue to cry and hug your friends dearly. We had it our wedding which raised a few laughs!

What would your musical memories be?

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